What We Do

We are on a relentless pursuit to create jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities using the power of smiles and amazing ice cream. We use the highest quality ingredients and our own recipes to make small-batch homemade ice cream and milk shakes that are absolutely delicious! We sell these frozen treats at our Asheville store on 64 Long Shoals Road and throughout our community using our cargo trailer and mobile ice cream freezers.

Why We Do It

  • To Provide for Our Daughter

    The legal name for our Howdy Homemade Ice Cream franchise is Annie’s Plan, LLC, named after our youngest daughter, who has autism. For years, we fretted about two big words regarding Annie’s life after high school—NOW WHAT? Thanks to Howdy Homemade the fretting is over! Annie has a fulfilling career path in front of her. Howdy is Annie’s Plan!

  • To Serve Our Community

    All members of our community want to be respected, hopeful, and happy. To that end, we started Howdy Homemade to provide adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities an employment opportunity that enables them to demonstrate their immense untapped abilities. For other parents confronting the words NOW WHAT, we want to make Annie’s plan your plan too!

  • To Lead by Example

    82% of disabled adults do not have a job, so we started Howdy Homemade to help fix this problem. As a for-profit company, we compete and prosper because of our employees – in turn motivating other companies to follow our lead. At Howdy Homemade, we are intent on “inspiring all of us to realize the potential in each of us.”

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How Can we Serve You?

We look forward to seeing you throughout our community! Our cargo trailer, mobile freezers, and amazing employees can bring the ice cream to your school function or sporting event, corporate gathering, fundraiser, birthday party, wedding party, or any other type of event. Want us to bring the ice cream to you?

Just call us at 828-747-9174

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Would you like
to join our team?

Howdy Homemade Ice Cream is looking to hire individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who possess valuable abilities that can help our organization grow. Would you like to learn more about pursuing a fulfilling career with our company?

If so, please call us at or

We look forward to seeing you in our Asheville store or in your neighborhood!

Pete andBetsy Brewer